The Sigurðsson Transfer

No, not the sport one! The Sigurðsson-Sato transfer. In 1984 a Dr. Sigurðsson working in conjunction with an enigmatic engineer referred to in source documents only as “Sato” performed one of three things, as follows:

  1. The perpetration of an artistic fraud
  2. The rendition of a banal act in profound terms due to poor translation
  3. The achievement of a previously undocumented aspect of the nature of reality

There are a finite number of sources, two at the present time. One is the typewritten “Inglesh” translation. The other is the typewritten “Aarktikl” translation. Hereafter IT and AT respectively. The papers are distinct, and close examination of the typefaces indicates that they were produced on different machines.

Microscopic examination of the IT reveals it to be some generation of carbon-copy. Comparative analysis of the blunting of corners and inward inflation of enclosed letters lends towards the supposition that it is a 3rd sheet carbon at least. This is of course based on the soft-rubber platten theory. Similarly valid is the less popular and somewhat less likely stencil cutter theory, which could identify it as one copy of many dozens produced from the cut stencil.

The AT is more enigmatic. Stylistically it fits chronologically but owing to its translation artifacts accurate dating is not possible. Similarly, clues as to the origin are convoluted by the fact of its being typewritten and a translation. The use of the fifth letter ð throughout in place of “d” in the name would lend some credence to its having been translated in Iceland, while the absence of any other non-Latin characters or accents makes that unlikely. It’s been suggested that the translation was made by an individual either sufficiently familiar with (or merely fond of) the Dr. to manually cut the ð stencil or mark the carbons by hand. As “school 36” is not mentioned at all in the IT, the thinking that the AT was created at a significant time after the IT is sound.

The credulous position is that the works are as they appear, earnest attempts at phenomenal documentation in an attempt at replication. The rationalist explanation is the same except for the interpretation of the translators ability. The skeptical interpretation is, as often proves the case, quite dull; a fraud, if not intentional then, accidental but a fraud of omission at the least.

It is the position of the curate that all positions are valid and accurate; that they are not in fact mutually exclusive positionally and are in fact mutually supportive. If you believe you are in possession of source documents concerning the transfer, the parties involved, or otherwise related to the activities of Dr. Sigurðsson between the dates of January 1st 1974 and December 31st 1994 please direct your attention to the contact link at the top of the page.