Book Review: Urban Sketching Step by Step, Krause Meier-Pauken

So urban sketching is a thing. It’s a thing I want to do which for me means reading way way too much about it before actually giving it a shot. As a result I’ve got a stupid number of books about it, here’s one. Urban Sketching Step by Step subtitle: Techniques for Creating Quick &Continue reading “Book Review: Urban Sketching Step by Step, Krause Meier-Pauken”

The Urban Sketching Handbook: Understanding Perspective

So I guess there’s this series of books, from Gabi Campanario, the founder of Urban Sketchers, that’s all about inspiration and instruction for people who want to sketch or do already. I learned about the books from this guy, Teoh Yi Chie’s youtube channel. I picked up one of them, called Understanding Perspective: Easy TechniquesContinue reading “The Urban Sketching Handbook: Understanding Perspective”