Organized Birds: update 1

No one asked but the primary work for the new zine, Organized Birds is done! I want everyone to appreciate that I agonized over how to get that smear just right. The key is to start below the line. I worry it won’t photocopy well but what’re ya’ gonna do.

I tried a version of the cover without the smear but it didn’t work for me.

When It’s Dark Out

When it’s dark out the light has to come from the inside! The light that got in, it has to be there, it can’t light the darkness if there isn’t anything inside. So when the light gets dim, when all the stuff the doctor prescribes, when it takes away all the things, everything, that makes the world look different STOP TAKInG THE DRUGS! Not forever, not ever forever, that doesn’t work, when you stop forever, for too long, it gets really hard to find the way back.

So you have to do it right. You have to tell the doctor. She gets mad if you stop without telling her, she isn’t happy about it, but at least when she knows she’s not mad like she’d be if she had to find out later from the emergency doctors, from the police. So STOP! Informed stop. But stop.

Then you can go out at night again. When you stop you get to where it isn’t any safer night or day and you get the fear, the real fear, all the time, so it doesn’t mater night or day. When you feel it, when you know they’re out there, the Minotaurs, GO AND SEE THEM! Show them, watch them pretend they don’t see. Then hit the shutter, Hit the shutter and leave it open, hold it or lock it, or hit it again and again and again. Expose over and over without motion, without concern.

Do it. Do it until even the Minotaurs can’t pretend they don’t see. Scare them. If we can’t scar them yet at least we run them off. This is what happens now. Say it, and push the release. This is what happens now, shutter.

When It's Dark Out

Do You See Them?

I can see them. I am a camera, I think that’s why, that and the light. I’m full of light. It got in during the surgery I think. When they had my chest open? When they had my heart out, just a little out, so they could close up the hole. They said the hole was letting my blood go backwards, letting it out of one chamber or something. Maybe that was it, the hole let the light in too.



Here’s one of them. I hate to be so close but the secret is control. All about control. Keep your mouth tight closed. Keep your eyes tight closed. Don’t let the light out. They can’t see you, not till you let the light out. Do you see it? So close, makes my skin crawl.


See where it went? See it! They run fast, they always run too fast. I think it’s ’cause they know. They have to know. After the first one, after the negative they catch a glimpse, they see. I hate them. I will stop them.