Inktober Auto

I hate autos. I hate seeing them. I hate hearing them. I hat driving them and knowing they are being driven. Trucks are just as bad, vans almost as, buses are tolerable, but still awful. Here’s some car crash I tried to draw.


So I guess there’s this think called inktober or ink-tober or something all about doing ink stuff in the month of October. Imma do that, ink’s great and I got my Indigraph pen from that kickstarter. If you like india ink (or acrylic ink) but are super bad about not spilling ink or just don’t care for dip pens, buy an Indigraph. They’re straight up selling them now and I love it.

Anyway, ink. Search for stock-photo portraits of people online and draw them. That’s surprisingly satisfying. Here’s some guy I drew (and scanned with Notebloc, which I love).

In real life it’s five by seven which is a perfect size.

Days 67 – 101

So here’s days 67 through to 101 of taking 15 minutes or so to draw my left hand. If you’re clever you can tell what day’s I took the stuff for that benign tremor.  Maybe not though, if I hold the pencil loose enough it’s not that bad anyway. Starting on day 80 I went in with a pencil just cause I wanted to sort of get a process down. Pencil, then ink, then count. 1, 2, 3. Always 3. Speaking of which, hands are a 3 now, funny how that works out.

Also starting with 80 I used a dollar fifty 3.5 by 5 inch craft paper cover notebook. I really like that size. It’s a nice size. And they’re thin so I can clip then to a table and not have to worry about not having anything to steady it all. As of 101 I’m not quite halfway through the second little book. 101 and maybe 10 minutes a pice that’s a double just drawing a left hand. 16 hours. Not all that long really.