T’was the night before x-mas and-nope, #fuckthisshit we’re not doing poems don’t think about it! Look, I get that this hellsite is anything but, the holiday spirit’s stuck in a rut. It’s the night before twitmas So ready yourself for tweets from twats who can’t help themselves. Bae caught me sleeping with elf on hisContinue reading “#twitmas”

Inktober XXIV

So I saw these works by https://threesixfive.art.blog/ where there were lovely drawings against these simple geometric backgrounds and I loved the look, really a nice way of emphasizing and isolating a thing. Anyway, today is the first time I felt really steady so I popped the beta blockers and hey, not to shakey! Oh andContinue reading “Inktober XXIV”

Only Two

There’s only 3 things, obviously, PLACES, THINGS, and EVENTS, but for art there’s only two. What are those two? Amateur and professional? Historic and contemporary? Good and bad? No, it’s much simpler than any of that, there’s art that’s art and art that’s a commodity. The Snail (Matisse, 1953) is a commodity. It’s not aContinue reading “Only Two”

PayPal Sucks

So PayPal is trash. Let’s ignore the fact that there’s no reason for the “service” to exist. I mean, why on Earth would I want a company between a buyer and a seller when I don’t need one? Let’s look instead about the updated seller refund policy. It says that if there’s a return forContinue reading “PayPal Sucks”