Inktober XXIV

So I saw these works by where there were lovely drawings against these simple geometric backgrounds and I loved the look, really a nice way of emphasizing and isolating a thing. Anyway, today is the first time I felt really steady so I popped the beta blockers and hey, not to shakey!

Oh and this is my favorite toe. A real survivor that one. I make sure to wear shoes in the house now all winter long, even at night. It’s in case I disassociate and end up out in the snow again in the middle of the night. I really did make some great negatives though.

Inktober XXVIII

If you don’t think a blue tit is, in the words of Derry Girls “a total ride” we can’t be friends. Also the ink out of a Sharpie mixes fine with water.

Inktober XXVI

The day is my enemy, the night my flame. Who knew The Prodigy would still put out a hit in 2015? Anyway, this is me faking the album art with ink.

Inktober XXIV

I can’t for the life of me recollect Eliza Rickman’s face, but I remember that scene from the Pretty Little Head music video. I guess that’s gonna be my dizzy. I ought to buy more data and watch the video.

Inktober XXIII

For the record, it’s weird as hell that juvenile vultures look old as fuck. This is really just me testing to see if I can erase the non-photo blue penciling I did after it’s covered with an ink wash or not. Gotta wait till it dries, but we’ll see.

Inktober XXII

Apparently there’s drawing prompts associated with each day of Inktober? Lame.

So today is “Ghost”. There’s a couple photos floating around on the web, search Krokodile and wade through the mess to find them, you’ll know. A couple photos of this woman who’s missing the half of her face. It’s arresting. You can see the light on her sphenoid bone and the zygomatic arch is open where one entire eye is gone. She’s probably dead now, so Ghost applies I think. Beauty might be more explicit though. And I don’t mean in some degenerate death-and-decay-is-beauty way. No. Never. I mean it in that life, is staggering and terrible in it’s beauty. Here’s this woman, bones of the maxilla and mandible exposed, alive, standing and posing. Tenacious, and beautiful. Yellow bone, sores, and pink living tissue together. They show these Cloverfield-Alien-vs-Predator movies and I think no, we are so much better than all of that. In any case, sparse clean lines seem appropriate.


I don’t know why I thought the back of a couple suits heads in an elevator might be fun. No, I did. I figured I could make a narrative, like hey these dudes are going to CORPSEMOUTH™! That’ll be fun. Nope, boring.