Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven

And here’sEdgar Allan Poe’s The Raven as read by the guy who lives in the attic of this building. I think he sounds like Jonathan Frake’s, he doesn’t know who that, or Riker, is.

Yes this if free and you can have it and do whatever you want to do with the audio. No one involved in making it cares.

Inktober XXIV

So I saw these works by https://threesixfive.art.blog/ where there were lovely drawings against these simple geometric backgrounds and I loved the look, really a nice way of emphasizing and isolating a thing. Anyway, today is the first time I felt really steady so I popped the beta blockers and hey, not to shakey!

Oh and this is my favorite toe. A real survivor that one. I make sure to wear shoes in the house now all winter long, even at night. It’s in case I disassociate and end up out in the snow again in the middle of the night. I really did make some great negatives though.

Inktober XXVII

So here’s a quick sketch of a terrible old man.

Ana 7 minute reading of Lovecraft’s The Terrible Old Man by an accommodating old man who spared 10 minutes for a reading. It to me like 20 to learn to edit it. Hey did you know I own a microphone? Fun.