Films, Papers, Safelights & Developers

ISO speeds appearing in parenthesis are EI. Speeds appearing in brackets are taken from the manufacturers data.

Safelights are tested with a 40watt, 390 Lumen bulb at 30 inches for 10 minutes with a quarter and a penny placed on the film. The bulb used is more than double the power of the recommended wattage for a bulb used with a safelight filter (7.5 or 15 watts normally) and is used to exaggerate results. Links appearing in this column are to color iPhone images of the negatives on a white background. When appearing in this column “None” indicates no test was made.

Film/Paper ISO Safelight Developer Stop Fixer
Arista Ortho Litho 3.0 [6] Kodak Wratten Series 2 (red)

Kodak OC

Dektol 1:30 (tray) water Kodafix 1:7
Fuji Super RX-N (50) Kodak Wratten Series 2 (red)
Kodak OC
PMK Pyro (hangers & tanks) water TF-4 1:3
Ultrafine Xtreme [100] None (Panchromatic) D76 1:1 (daylight print drum) water Kodafix 1:3