Really, A Body?

No, but that’s how it’s pronounced. Anglicisation serves a purpose.


No. They’re always full of light and that’s a good defense but this isn’t about hammers.


No. Expense is to be avoided. This is a war and while it might be a good idea to take the best equipment into battle that’s only sound reasoning if the best is taken to mean the most costly. And anyway, no one takes a gold brick diving.

Didn’t I see you at the opening?

That’s not what happens now. No. I’m sure you saw something but that’s not me. I hope it was nice to you.

I think we bought one of your prints, the dealer said…

That’s not my print. Prints aren’t mine, they’re not for me. I hope you enjoy it.

How many?

There are three. Only three. Places are 1, and things are 2, and then events are 3. That’s why this is what happens now and this is not what happens now.



Shovels or hammers?



Inside. The light has to go inside, it’s a hammer. It builds and it protects and reveals. It’s why it all works. It’s why the camera works. It’s why I can see them. It’s why I know what happens now. You can too! You can! It’s all behind the breastbone!

What’s the Sigurðsson-Sato transfer?

It’s a phenomenon that may or may not be have been replicable previously, but definitely is not any more, not on this side of the light. See here. We can see a piece of it though if we get the three things lined up right.

How much drugs?

4. 4 drugs.

What cameras work?

Old cameras. New cameras. View cameras and most of all cameras with a bigger darkness.

Why film?

See above. Also bigger darkness and the low cost.




Knock knock. Who’s there? Mental illness! Haha great joke! Click click click.