March 20 2020

I don’t know why exactly it became common for healthcare workers to post self portraits of themselves after wearing PPE all day. They’re interesting, but does make me wonder if they weren’t wearing PPE all day prior to this.

March 18 2020

Plagues and pandemics make for excellent reading. Accounts of yellow fever are by far the more gruesome. I’m very aware that the 1918 influenza pandemic is more apt, but somehow it’s just not. The world is different.

Pale Horse

I didn’t realize for a long time, like way longer than your might think, that not everyone heard voices. I mean, you’d think I would have picked up on that. Like, I knew that I could hear mine, and other people couldn’t, but it never occurred to me that other people didn’t have their ownContinue reading “Pale Horse”

Book Review: Urban Sketching Step by Step, Krause Meier-Pauken

So urban sketching is a thing. It’s a thing I want to do which for me means reading way way too much about it before actually giving it a shot. As a result I’ve got a stupid number of books about it, here’s one. Urban Sketching Step by Step subtitle: Techniques for Creating Quick &Continue reading “Book Review: Urban Sketching Step by Step, Krause Meier-Pauken”