Lomography Diana + & F+ Lenses Field of View

In a previous post I calculated the f-stops of the Cloudy, Partly, and Sunny, settings for the various Lomography Diana + & F+ lenses. Now I will dig out a trig textbook and do the same for the field of view. It bears mentioning that when I type field of view I should be calling itContinue reading “Lomography Diana + & F+ Lenses Field of View”

Translations from a Box of Soviet Medium Format film (120)

Свема Svema ЦВЕТНАЯ Color ДС-4 DS-4 Негативная для дневнога Negative for the day (daylight color correction) 45 гост 18 DIN 50 ASA 45 gost 18 DIN 50 ASA Врем проявл. [7] мин Development Time [7] min. Обработать до [09 85] Process to [09 85] (Use by September 1985) Партия No [3019] Party no [3019] 8 кадров 6 x 9 cmContinue reading “Translations from a Box of Soviet Medium Format film (120)”

Lomography Diana + & F+ f-Stops

110mm Soft Telephoto Lens: Sunny: f32 Partly: f22 Cloudy: f16 75mm Normal Lens: Sunny: f22 Partly: f16 Cloudy: f11 55mm Wide Angle Lens: Sunny: f16 Partly: f11 Cloudy: f8 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens: Sunny: f11 Partly: f8 Cloudy: f5.6 20mm Fisheye Lens: Sunny: f5.6 Partly: f4 Cloudy: f3 Source: Published values for the 75mmContinue reading “Lomography Diana + & F+ f-Stops”