Neutral Density Filters

If you want to shoot with really long exposure, like maybe you want to make a photograph where the water flowing along in the little spillway up the road looks like flowing smoke instead of broken glass, or you want to make people disappear, you’ll need either a really slow film, a really small aperture,Continue reading “Neutral Density Filters”

Lomography Diana + & F+ Lenses Field of View

In a previous post I calculated the f-stops of the Cloudy, Partly, and Sunny, settings for the various Lomography Diana + & F+ lenses. Now I will dig out a trig textbook and do the same for the field of view. It bears mentioning that when I type field of view I should be calling itContinue reading “Lomography Diana + & F+ Lenses Field of View”

Translations from a Box of Soviet Medium Format film (120)

Свема Svema ЦВЕТНАЯ Color ДС-4 DS-4 Негативная для дневнога Negative for the day (daylight color correction) 45 гост 18 DIN 50 ASA 45 gost 18 DIN 50 ASA Врем проявл. [7] мин Development Time [7] min. Обработать до [09 85] Process to [09 85] (Use by September 1985) Партия No [3019] Party no [3019] 8 кадров 6 x 9 cmContinue reading “Translations from a Box of Soviet Medium Format film (120)”

Lomography Diana + & F+ f-Stops

110mm Soft Telephoto Lens: Sunny: f32 Partly: f22 Cloudy: f16 75mm Normal Lens: Sunny: f22 Partly: f16 Cloudy: f11 55mm Wide Angle Lens: Sunny: f16 Partly: f11 Cloudy: f8 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens: Sunny: f11 Partly: f8 Cloudy: f5.6 20mm Fisheye Lens: Sunny: f5.6 Partly: f4 Cloudy: f3 Source: Published values for the 75mmContinue reading “Lomography Diana + & F+ f-Stops”