About Me

I have a camera. I use it to make photographs. That’s what I call it, making a photograph, I don’t take anything. It’s still there, it’s not gone, the camera doesn’t take anything. Cameras make things, a camera is a hammer, a shovel, a tool.

I shoot on film and I develop that film. Sometimes, I use that film to make prints. If I make a print, I do it with photographic paper, then develop the paper. I only make prints in black and white. I do not have a color enlarger.

I have a scanner. It can scan prints and negatives. I’ll always write how any posted digital image was made as far as that goes, if I scanned a negative or a print, shot a cell phone photo of something or what not.

I don’t do this professionally, or, these aren’t the photos I get paid for. I don’t consider myself a photographer, in the same way I might make dinner and don’t consider myself a cook. You can make use of anything I put up here. I wouldn’t put it up if I didn’t want people to do as they please with it. I like to make photographs, I find it helpful.

Sometimes I remember things that didn’t happen, see things that aren’t there, photography helps with that. Photography slows things down, photographs mean not having to trust the memory or the eye. It’s more useful than you might think.