About Me

I am a member of the largest universally and violently marginalized group in the world, practicing art both professionally and recreationally while also leading the only serious scholarship into the work of Dr. Sigurðsson. My art is the product of an ongoing need to differentiate reality from fantasy. It is the result of my efforts to focus on the things that have happened rather than things that I simply remember happening. It is important to me personally to reject the art brute movement and the continued marginalization of the SPMI (Serious and Persistently Mentally Ill) community.

I do not reject the idea that we are ill, but rather that conventional success in the art world is a prerequisite for the appellation artist except in the fringe territories we have traditionally occupied. As someone who has had solo gallery openings and has worked as a professional artist for five years in what may be considered the traditional art community, I recognize that it is imperative that we construct a space where art is the draw, and the spectacle of illness is not.

If you have any information on the Sigurðsson transfer, please contact me.