A Zine About Tarasoff Duty (aka Duty to Report)

I made a zine about mental health professionals duty to turn you in if you make threats to harm yourself or others. I’m conflicted about the whole thing but writing about the history of the situation that gave rise to the duty to report honestly makes me feel much less exposed when I’m seeing a mental health care professional.

Appellate-Gun Laws Are Fun

The Zine itself covers the situation that gave rise to the caselaw that established the Tarasoff duty in California. Seriously, the case is off the wall, like, I’m amazed it hasn’t been made into a true crime book or a movie or anything. It’s absolutely a tragic story but there’s so many unbelievable elements to it.

At the end of the zine is a list of the duty to report for each state. Tarasoff was a California case and as much as the rest of the US goes with what California does each state is still independent as far as a doctors duty to report a patients threats of violence goes.

This is not a work of fiction.