The Worst Digital Camera on Amazon

On any given day I talk to zero people. As a result, other people’s opinions have an odd place in my heart. I like that they exist, I don’t generally care what they are, but I do like that there are other people and that they have opinions. I’ve found this makes reviews of items, reading them I mean, rather satisfying.

I should mention I don’t mean like the Consumer Reports review, or some professional write up that might as well be advertising. I mean dumb shit like the customer reviews on Amazon.

Over there you can find a 20 mega pixel digital camera by Polaroid of all people which everyone hates. The Polaroid iXX090 isn’t just an itty-bitty camera with an idiotic name, it’s roundly despised. So of course I picked one up for all of $10.00

Actual things people say in reviews: it wipes out batteries after ten photos. It is incredibly hard to open the battery door. It doesn’t come with a memory card. It takes lousy photos that are worse than he ones their phone does.

A few actual things about the phone: it’s tiny. It runs on two AAA batteries. It uses a micro-usb cord and a micro SD card. It has a selfie screen and a taking screen. It’s shock-proof, water-proof and freeze-proof. It weighs less than my phone.

It doesn’t appear to kill batteries and I expect everyone saying otherwise wants to treat it like a phone and leave it on all the time while using cheap rechargeable batteries that are nearing the end of their usable life. Mine’s over 100 photos deep on it’s first set of grass-station alkaline’s. The battery door is easy to open, slide the button, then slide the door. Mine came with a 16 GB microSD card. It takes fine photos as far as digital cameras go.

Worst sketch ever? Maybe. Camera? No.